CRO Machine


CRO Machine /Oscilloscope


An Oscilloscope, Previously Called An Oscillograph, And Informally Known As A Scope, CRO (For Cathode-Ray Oscilloscope), Or DSO(For The More Modern Digital Storage Oscilloscope), Is A Type Of Electronic Test Instrument That Allows Observation Of Constantly Varying Signal Voltages , Usually As A Two-Dimensional Plot Of One Or More Signals As A Function Of Time. Other Signals (Such As Sound Or Vibration) Can Be Converted To Voltages And Displayed.

Features Of CRO Machine/Oscilloscope

  • Oscilloscopes Are Used To Observe The Change Of An Electrical Signal Over Time, Such That Voltage And Time Describe A Shape Which Is Continuously Graphed Against A Calibrated Scale.
  • The Observed Waveform Can Be Analyzed For Such Properties As Amplitude , Frequency , Rise Time , Time Interval, Distortion And Others.
  • Modern Digital Instruments May Calculate And Display These Properties Directly. Originally, Calculation Of These Values Required Manually Measuring The Waveform Against The Scales Built Into The Screen Of The Instrument.
  • The Oscilloscope Can Be Adjusted So That Repetitive Signals Can Be Observed As A Continuous Shape On The Screen.
  • A Storage Oscilloscope Allows Single Events To Be Captured By The Instrument And Displayed For A Relatively Long Time, Allowing Observation Of Events Too Fast To Be Directly Perceptible.
  • Oscilloscopes Are Used In The Sciences, Medicine, Engineering, Automotive And The Telecommunications Industry.
  • Industrial Power Design, Troubleshooting, Installation And Maintenance
  • Electronics Design, Troubleshooting, Installation And Maintenance
  • Circuit Design & Debug
  • Educational Lab & Training Institutes
  • Repair & Service
  • Production Test & Quality Inspection



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