How To Check Faults In Any Parts Of Mobile Phone

If  you are going to repair any mobile phone , you will often need to check parts such as speaker, ringer, vibrator, coil, boost coin, On / Off Switch, Antenna Switch, RX Filter, PFO, BSI, Network IC, VCO, Audio IC, Power IC, RTC, Charging IC, CPU, R22, Microphone Interface, Bluetooth IC, Flash IC, RAM, Logic IC, UEM etc. Card level parts of a mobile cell phone include ringer, speaker, microphone, vibrator, LED, charging connector, headphone connector, data cable connector, battery, battery connector, SIM card, SIM card connector

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Mobile Phone Components In Different Section Inside Mobile

You must know the different  components of a mobile phone to solve the fault in any mobile . Mobile phone is divided into different section and each section has many components . Any fault in a moibile phone must be traced with the help of different section of mobile phone . For example if there is fault in network section , you must know the different components of network section so that you may identify the faulty components and then you can repair or replace that faulty components . Accordint to different problems in mobile phone  you must know the name of components that may be the reason of that particular problem 

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