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Advanced Chip Level Laptop Repairing Course 

Fast Tech Institute Is One Of The Best Institute In Delhi , India , Providing Advanced Chip Level  Laptop Repairingn Course . We Are Providing The Vast Coverage In The Field Of Chip Level Repairing . Our Course Is Focused On The Practical Approach And Our Technical Faculties Are Regularly Updating Our Course Material To Provide Latest And Up To Date Course Content To Our Students . On The Basis Of Deep Research And Wide Market Survey Our Committee Of Technical Education Has Prepared A Course Structure That Is Completely Fulfilling The Need Of Becoming An Advance Chip Level Engineer . 

Module 1 - Basic Electronics 
•    Basic Electronics Concept
•    A/C , D/C Concepts  & Flow Of Current 
•    Resistors -  Meaning  & Use Of Resistors  , Symbol , Function , Resistor Color coding , Value Measurement By Multimeter and SMD Tester , Type Of                  Resistors 
•    Capacitor – Meaning Of Capacitor , Function, Types, Symbol, Identification of Solid Type and SMD Type Capacitor, Testing of Capacitor by Multimeter and        SMD Tester,  Value measurement by SMD Tester. 
•     Coil – Meaning Of Coil, Use Of Coil , Symbol Of Coil , Denoting Letter, Properties of Coil, Identification of Solid and SMD type coil, Pack coil, Testing of Coil. 
•    Diode- Meaning Of Diode , Use Of Diode , Function, Symbol, Denoting letter, Types of Diode,  Identification of Solid and SMD Type Diode, Testing of Diode,       Anode and Cathode Concept. 
•     Transistor- Meaning Of Transistor , Use Of Transistor , Types Of Transistor  Symbol, Denoting Letter, PNP and NPN Concept, Testing of Transistor,                   Function etc. 
•    Mosfet - Meaning Of Mosfet , Features Of Mosfet , Use Of Mosfet , Types, 3 leg Mosfet, 8 Leg Mosfet, Identification of N-Channel and P-Channel Mosfet,          Testing of Mosfet, Dual Mosfet Concept, Switching Concept Etc. 
•    Transformer And IC – Meaning And Use Of Transformer , Meaning And Use OF IC 
•    Crystal - Meaning And Use , Concept of Quartz, Clock and Pulse, Measuring unit, Types and Real Shape, Testing of Crystal etc.

Module 2 – Practical Use OF Tools 

•    Soldering Iron Use
•    Use Of Multimeter 
•    SMD Machine Use
•    Practical tools info.
•    Capacitor soldering
•    Type’s Of I.C
•    Use De-soldering Wire
•    Use Jumper Wire
•    Soldering I.C

Module 3 - Fundamentals Of Computers( Card Level Training ) 

Part 1- Basic 
•    Meaning  Of Computer 
•    Use Of Computer 
•    Generation Of Computer 
•    Types of Computer
•    What Is Operating Systems
•    Types Of Operating System 
•    System software Vs Application Software
•    Booting Process
•    Ms-Dos Internet & External Commands
•    Windows Uses & Control Panel
Part 2- COMPUTER HARDWARE & PARTS ( Desktop And Laptop )
•    SMPS, Hard Disk, Cabinet, Monitor, Ram, CPU, Motherboard, CD/DVD
•    RAM , Rom, Keyboard, Mouse
•    Add on Card, Different cables
•    Assemble &  Dissemble Of Computer
•    Assemble & Dissemble Of Laptop 

Part 3- Software Training 
Section A- Advanced Software Concepts And Practical 
•    Installing  OS(  Windows  XP, Windows 7 , 8.1 , 10) 
•    Installing Drivers
•    BIOS Setting 
•    BIOS Password Break
•    Data Backup On Corrupt Win..
•    Admin password  Break
•    Online driver installation
•    Offline driver Installation
•    Driver Backup & Restore
•    Pen driver Bootable  
•    Window File Repair
•    Window  Backup & Restore
•    Shrink Volume
•    Data Recovery
•    Master Slave Setting
•    Formatting Hard Disk
•    Creating Partition on Hard Disk
•    What is Virus ?
•    Different Type of Virus?
•    Installing Anti Virus Software
•    Online & Offline Installation 
•    Basic of Internet
•    Introduction Of Browser 
•    Different Browsers 
•    Browsing, Creating Email Account 
•    Modem, LAN, WIFI, etc 
•    Types of Connection
•    Outlook Configuration 
•    Windows Troubleshooting
•    Basic Concept  Of Remote Troubleshooting ( Use Teamviewer etc)
•    Data Recovery Concept
•    Utility Software
•    Installing Different Software

Module 4 - NETWORKING BASICS ( Card Level Training )
•    Meaning And Concept  of Networking 
•    Types of Network & Topology
•    Type of Cable and Connector
•    Cabling Structure
•    Cross Over & Straight through Cabling
•    Crimping Method
•    IP Address & Subnetting
•    Sharing Files and Printer with Networking
•    Using Internet with Networking

Module 5 – Advanced Chip Level Desktop & Laptop Repairing Training 
•    Motherboard Overview 
•    Diagram Of Motherboard 
•    Symantec Diagram – Meaning And Use 
•    Identification of all types of chip, ports, socket, slots etc.
•    Soldering & D-Soldering of chip components By SMD, Iron & Hotgun.
•    Use Of Debug Card
•    Use of D.C Machine
•    Use Of C.R.O (Cathode Ray Oscilloscope), Operating of C.R.O & Troubleshooting by C.R.O.

•    VRM Section  - Overview, Tracing, Hot Testing, Shorting Problem in VRM Circuit, Troubleshooting, Internal Structure of VRM Chip, Volt Sense Circuit Concept, Programmable circuit, VID Concept.
•    RAM  Section - all Types of Desktop RAM, RAM Operating Voltage, RAM Supply Pin, All types of possible circuit of RAM Supply. Hot Testing
•    Volt In Section – Fundamental of power section 
•    Clock Generator Section - Clock Generator Circuit: Identification of Clock Generator, Tracing, Use of Frequency Counter to measure Clock, Troubleshooting. 
•    USB Section - USB Port Circuit: USB Port Supply Pin Tracing, Data Pin Tracing.
•    Charging Section – Identification And Troubleshooting , Battery Charging and Discharging Circuit. Tracing and Fault Finding.
•    Remove Shorting problem 
•    Audio Section – Meaning , Fault Finding And Removal , Sound Circuit – Tracing, Supply, Troubleshooting. 
•    SATA Port - Data Pin Tracing of Sata Port. 
•    Standby Circuit : Standby Mosfet , Circuit tracing. 
•    PCI Slot: Voltage, Data and Signal Testing
•    ROM – Identification of all types of ROM and Circuit Tracing.
•    Graphics Chip – Problem Identification ,  Supply Problem And Problem Removal 
•    Concept of PCH. 
•    Keyboard and Touchpad Circuit. 
•    Bios Section – Desktop & Laptop BIOS Programming. 
•    Fault finding of Motherboard - All sections through testing flow chart and use of debugger card 
•    LCD Inverter Section
•    LAN Section
•    VGA Port
•    I/O Section
•    Fault Finding All sec
•    BGA Machine Operation 
•    Chip Reballing Using BGA Machine 

•    SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply)-  Introduction of basic component, Working Principal of SMPS. block diagram , Different Voltage Pin out Of Different Cable and Use , Tracing & Fault Finding of SMPS, basic Problem and Solution
•    Desktop UPS - Working of Relay, Transformer, Circuit Diagram of UPS Sections;(AVR Stage, Voltage Regulator Stage, Charging stage, Oscillator & Switching stage, Tracing & Fault Finding of UPS.
•    Introduction of Monitor- Types of Monitor , Circuit Diagram of monitor sections : (Power supply stage, system & system Driver stage, Horizontal Deflection stage, Vertical Driver & Output Stage, EHT Stage, Horizontal deflection stage, Vertical driver & Output stage, Video Pre-Amplifier Stage, Video Driver & Output Stage). Tracing & Fault finding of Monitor

Module 6 – Live Project Based Service Center Training 

-    2 Week Service Center Training 














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