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Fast Tech Institue Provide Complete Live Project Based Practical Training For LED TV/Smart TV Repairing .



- Complete Practical Training 

- Balance Between Theory And Practical 

- Small Batch Size 

- Experienced Faculty

- Live Projects

- Advance Course For LED TV/Smart TV Repairing 

- Scientific Study Material

- Life Time Technical Support 

'- Affordable Fees

- Revision Facility 

Course Detail 

  •  Liquid Crystals
  •  Liquid Crystals Displays
  •  The Power Supply Board
  •  The Inverter Board
  •  The Main Board
  •  The Controller/T-con Board
  •  The LCD Driver Board
  •  The Stand By Circuit
  •  The Liquid Crystal Display In Depth
  •  Tools
  •  Test Equipments
  •  Schematic Diagrams
  •  Understanding and Testing Resistors
  •  Understanding and Testing Capacitor
  •  Understanding and Testing Inductors
  •  Understanding and Testing Transistors
  •  Understanding and Testing Diodes
  •  Understanding and Testing Bridge Rectifiers
  •  Understanding and Testing LEDs
  •  Understanding and Testing Switching Transformers
  •  Understanding and Testing Opto –Isolators
  •  Understanding and Testing Volatage Regulators
  •  Understanding and Testing Switches
  •  Understanding and Testing Fuses
  •  Some Testing Tips
  •  Useful Formulas
  •  How To Diassamble An LCD TV
  •  Voltage Test Points
  •  The Tap Test
  •  Freeze Spray and hair Dryers
  •  Connection Problems
  •  PSU (Power Supply Unit) Failures
  •  Inverter Board Failures
  •  No Video
  •  No Audio
  •  OSD/Menu Failure
  •  White Screen
  •  Rainbow Screen
  •  Screen Flashes Then TV Shut Down
  •  No Back Light
  •  Lines In Picture
  •  Cracked Panel
  •  TV Repair Case Histories


 LED TV Repairing Institute In Delhi | Best LED TV Repairing Institute In Delhi | No 1 Institute For LED TV Repairing Course In Delhi 

 LED TV repairing course is now the most demanding course . You can join LED TV repairing course and after completing this course you can start your career as a LED TV Repairing Engineer . You can start your career as an engineer in any service center or you can start your own LED TV repairing service center . 

Why Fast Tech Institute Of LED TV Repairing Is Best Institute ?

Fast Tech Institute provides complete practical training for LED TV repairing . Since Fast Tech Institute runs its own LED TV repairing service center in the name of Technikal , students get the opportunity to practice on various LED tv sets because Fast Tech students provides Live service center training to its students . 

LED TV repairing course designed by Fast Tech institue is based on scientific approach . Here students starts their course from basic module and with the help of regular LED Tv repairing practical classes students becomes proficient very soon in the repairing of LED TV repairing .

Fast Tech Institue also provides revision classes absolutely free . Students may attend practical revision classes till they attain confidence . 

Life Time Technical Support is also free in Fast Tech Institue . 

Fast Tech Isnstitue also provides a set of tools to its students after admission .  

How Much You Can Earn After Doing LED TV Repairing Course From Fast Tech Institute ?

 Earning In Job After Doing LED TV Repairing course - 

 Starting Salary May Be Between Rs 10,000 & Rs 15,000 , Incentive Additional , But After Some Experience You May Earn Rs 20,000 To Rs 30,000 Easily . 

Earning in Own Business After Doing LED TV Repairing Course -

Normalyy you can earn At least Rs 500 to Rs 800  per LED TV repairing  As your service charge . But after experience you may easily charge Rs 1000 to Rs 1500 Per LED Tv Repairing as your service charge . In this way your monthly income may be Rs 15000 To Rs 45000 easily and much more depends on your working capacity and experience . 

Name Of Top LED TV Repairing Institute In Delhi 

On the basis of a survey conducted among the students and technicians , Fast Tech Institute has been considered as one of the Top LED TV repairing institute in delhi and India . Students from all over India comes Delhi to join Fast Tech Institute to learn LED TV repairing course . After successful completion of course students of Fast Tech Institute is now working all over India . 

Revision Facility For The Students Of LED TV Repairing Course 

Students of LED LCD TV Repairing course can join free revision class after completing their LED LCD TV repairing class . Revision class facility is available to all the students of LED LCD TV repairing course . Due to this facility students get confidence that they will certainly learn the LED TV repairing course after doing this course from India's No 1 Institute of LED TV Repairing .

How To Join LED TV Repairing course ?

To join LED TV LCD TV Repairing course from Fast Tech Institute just give us a call on 8287888444 or 9015888444 . Our Career counselor will guide you on phone regarding every aspect of LED TV LCD TV repairing course . You can also book your free demo class of LED TV LCD TV Repairing course . After visit and free demo you can join our LED TV LCD TV Repairing course . 

Best LED TV Repairing Institute In Delhi 

On the basis of a survey conducted among the students and parents , Fast Tech institute is considered as Best LED TV Repairing institute of Delhi . Due to practical approach of our faculty members and special service center training , we are able to provide best LED TV repairing training to our students . High success rate of our students after completion of our special LED TV repairing course , is one of the best proof of our quality LED TV repairing education . We provide 100% satisfactory LED TV repairing training to our students . We provide complete LED TV repairing training i.e. Card Level traing , Chip Level training and complete software of LED TV.  





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