Mobile Repairing Chip Level

Advanced Chip Level Mobile Repairing Course

Module 1 - Basic Electronics 

•    Basic Electronics Concept
•    A/C , D/C Concepts  & Flow Of Current 
•    Resistors -  Meaning  & Use Of Resistors  , Symbol , Function , Resistor Color coding , Value Measurement By Multimeter and SMD Tester , Type Of Resistors 
•    Capacitor – Meaning Of Capacitor , Function, Types, Symbol, Identification of Solid Type and SMD Type Capacitor, Testing of Capacitor by Multimeter and SMD Tester, Value measurement by SMD Tester. 
•     Coil – Meaning Of Coil, Use Of Coil , Symbol Of Coil , Denoting Letter, Properties of Coil, Identification of Solid and SMD type coil, Pack coil, Testing of Coil. 
•    Diode- Meaning Of Diode , Use Of Diode , Function, Symbol, Denoting letter, Types of Diode,  Identification of Solid and SMD Type Diode, Testing of Diode, Anode and Cathode Concept. 
•     Transistor- Meaning Of Transistor , Use Of Transistor , Types Of Transistor  Symbol, Denoting Letter, PNP and NPN Concept, Testing of Transistor, Function etc. 
•    Mosfet - Meaning Of Mosfet , Features Of Mosfet , Use Of Mosfet , Types, 3 leg Mosfet, 8 Leg Mosfet, Identification of N-Channel and P-Channel Mosfet, Testing of Mosfet, Dual Mosfet Concept, Switching Concept Etc. 
•    Transformer And IC – Meaning And Use Of Transformer , Meaning And Use OF IC 
•    Crystal - Meaning And Use , Concept of Quartz, Clock and Pulse, Measuring unit, Types and Real Shape, Testing of Crystal etc.


Module 2   - Mobile Phone – Parts & Technology 
•    History of Mobile Phone
•    GSM & CDMA Structure & Generation of Mobile Phone
•    Frequency & Channels
•    GPRS, Bluetooth, Infrared Technology
•    Wi-Fi, SIM, & IMEI
•    2G , 3G , 4G Technology
•    Advanced Mobile Phones H/W Trouble Shooting with Circuit Chart.
•     Mobile Operating System 
•    Types Of Operating System -  I-Phone, Blackberry,  Android , Windows 
•    Chinese Mobile phone 
•    Android Technology And Its Problems 
•    Windows phone Technology And Its Problems 
•    Blackberry Technology And Its Problems 
•    I Phone Technology And Its Problems 

Module 3 - Mobile Phone Repairing – Hardware Training 
•    Mobile Phone Assembly & Disassembly
•    Electronic Components Overview
•    Tools Used In Mobile Repairing And Their Use – Soldering Iron , SMD Machine , Battery Booster , Separator Machine Etc .
•    Types Of ICs 
•    Identification of Different ICs
•    Mobile Circuit Board Tracing Of  Smart phones  - Android Phone , Windows i-Phone , Blackberry 
•    Mobile Circuit Board Trace without Circuit Diagram
•    Circuit Diagram Reading
•    Chip Level Soldering & De-soldering
•     Tips for Mobile repairing
•      Section of Mobile Phones
•     Circuit Diagram Reading
•     GSM Mobile Phone Troubleshooting
•     Chinese Mobile phone Troubleshooting
•     CDMA Mobile phone Troubleshooting
•     Practically handset repairing
•     Tips for service centre

Module 4 - Mobile Phone Complete Software Repairing
•     Mobile Software Overview
•    Types Of Boxes For Mobile  Software Repair And Their Use
•     Software Problems In  Basis Phone And Their Solution
•    Software Problems In  Android Phone And Their Solution
•    Software Problems In  Windows Phone And Their Solution
•    Software Problems In  I Phone And Their Solution
•    Software Problems In  Blackberry Phone And Their Solution
•     Software Repairing With Online Connectivity 
•     Mobile Phone S/W training with coding
•     Chinese Mobile Phone Repairing
•    Unlocking of Phone Codes
•    Formatting of Internal Memory

Module 5 - Fault Finding In Smart Phones & Basic Phones 
( Android, Windows , I Phone, Blackberry, China Phone, Basic Phone )
•    Ringer problem
•    Mic Problem 
•    Automatic On Off Problem 
•    Broken Display 
•    Touch Pad Break 
•    Touch Display Separation 
•    Dead set condition
•    No charging
•    Auto charging
•    No signal
•    Voice problem
•    Vibrator problem
•    Auto turn off
•    Hanging problem
•    Insert SIM (no sim card inserted shows on the screen)
•    Problem In Installation Of App
•    keypad problem
•    Software problems
•    Flashing and Formatting
•    I-PHONE Restoring
•    Android Phone Pattern Lock
•    Android Phone Routing
•    Blackberry Flashing & Unlocking
•    Blackberry Wi-Fi Connectivity Settings
•    GSM Mobile Phone Troubleshooting
•    Chinese Mobile phone Troubleshooting
•    CDMA Mobile phone Troubleshooting
•    Practically Handset Repairing
•    Tips for service centre
•    Frp Unlocking Of Android 
•    Motorola Flashing
•    Mi Flashing &Unlocking
•    Windows Mobile Flashing


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